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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use any electrode with my stimulator or does the electrode have to be a specific brand?
    Answer: All of Medi-Stim’s stimulator lead wires have a standard 2mm or .08” male pin, which should fit any brand or size of electrode, including Axelgaard, EMPI, Covidien and Medi-Stim brands.
  2. Can a conductive garment be used with my stimulator?
    Answer: Medi-Stim’s conductive garments have a universal 2mm or .08” pin connector, which will fit most types and brands of electrotherapy stimulators, including TENS, Muscle Stims, Interferential, Micro-Current, and High Volt Galvanic stimulators.
  3. Can I use rechargeable batteries with my stimulator?
    Answer: Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride or Nickel Cadmium batteries may be used in any of Medi-Stim’s stimulators.
  4. When should I replace my electrodes?
    Answer: Electrodes should be replaced when the electrodes are no longer sticking firmly to the skin, have been re-applied more than the suggested amount of uses, or when the electrode is no longer conducting effectively.
  5. How long should my electrodes last before replacing?
    Answer: Normally, reusable electrodes can be used and reapplied 10 to 20 times. Reusability will vary upon skin condition, climate and care of the electrodes. Excessive buildup of dirt and debris on the gelled surface of the electrode will decrease the tackiness of the electrode gel, decrease the conductivity of the current which can decrease your battery life, and decrease the quality of your stimulation sensation.
  6. Can I use a stimulator if I have a demand type cardiac pacemaker?
    Answer: TENS use is not recommended for patients with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators and or other implantable stimulators. Please consult your physician if you have additional questions.
  7. Will insurance pay for my stimulator and/or stimulator supplies?
    Answer: Medi-Stim does not currently bill insurance for electrotherapy stimulators or supplies. Insurance companies may or may not cover the cost of electrotherapy stimulators and supplies. Please check with your insurance company regarding these commonly used billing codes:

    HCPC Code E0730: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
    HCPC Code E0745: Neuromuscular Stimulator
    HCPC Code E0731: Conductive Electrotherapy Garments
    HCPC Code A4595: Monthly TENS Supplies
    HCPC Code A4556: Electrodes
  8. How long should I use the stimulator, per treatment?
    Answer: Most electrotherapy treatments usually call for 30 minute sessions, however a stimulator may be used for as long as needed to reduce the sensation of pain or discomfort. Please consult your physician for recommended treatment times and stimulator settings.
  9. Why isn’t there pricing on the website? Can I order online?
    Answer: Medi-Stim does not currently offer online ordering. Please contact us at 1-800-363-7846 for ordering instructions or see Ordering Info. for instructions.
  10. Do all of Medi-Stim’s devices require a prescription?
    Answer: Medi-Stim offers both Prescription and Non-Prescription Devices.

    Prescription Only Devices:
    Federal law restricts the sale of Class Two Medical Devices (which are indicated to treat “chronic pain”) to individuals/patients without a signed prescription form from their doctor/physician. A signed prescription form is necessary to purchase these devices, and must be presented at the time of order.

    Non-Prescription Devices:
    The “OTC" or Non-Prescription devices which are indicated to treat “minor aches and pains from everyday activities” may be purchased without a prescription. These devices are listed on our website Here.
  11. Is there a warranty on my device?
    Answer: All of our stimulators have a warranty, which covers manufacturer’s defects, when reported within 30 business days from the time of purchase. The length of the warranty varies, depending on the make or model of the stimulator. If you have questions on your warranty coverage, please call 1-800-363-7846.
  12. I lost my instruction manual, can I get a new one?
    Answer: Medi-Stim offers replacement instruction manuals for purchase. Quantities are limited. Please call 1-800-363-7846 with your stimulator make and model to check for availability.

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